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If you are a community activist or work for an NGO, we can help you in multiple ways.


We can provide you with technical support in designing and implementing awareness-raising campaigns, to address barriers to services, systemic discrimination, or criminalisation


We can travel to your country and produce a film about current advocacy issues, including human rights abuses, effective services, campaigns etc.


We can produce a video about your organisation, highlighting your key activities and successes. The video can be used for promoting your NGO, mobilising members, fundraising or other purposes


I you are organising a major conference or other event, you might consider contracting us to film key sessions / speeches, as well as produce and edit a short conference video on site, to be screened at the closing session (in case your event lasts for more than one day). Videos can reach people who could not attend the event, with key messages.


We can train you or your staff members and peers to use the camera, to use editing software, to do interviews, and to produce and distribute videos. No need to have any special technical skills, apart from a basic knowledge of computer use.


We can train you or your staff members about how to communicate more effectively with the mainstream media - our training includes practical exercises, such as writing test press releases and giving test TV interviews, which can be discussed with the group.


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