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Online videos are valuable communication tools because they can:

    •    Reach a wide audience
    •    mobilise people for a cause;

    •    document best practices and/or human rights abuses;

    •    be used in public education;

    •    give voice to marginalised people;

    •    visualise research data and

    •    have the potential to go viral on social media. 

We at the Rights Reporter Foundation have been training hundreds of video activists around the world since 2009 and now our trainings and expertise are available to the wider public. We offer 2 to 5 days long video advocacy training.

During our video advocacy training sessions participants will learn:

    •    To develop video advocacy strategies;

    •    to use different types of cameras; 

    •    to compose their shots
    •    to edit their videos
    •    to distribute their videos for a wider reach.

We offer one day long media training as well.

During our Media training sessions participants will learn:

    •    How to communicate with different types of media;

    •    to write press releases
    •    practice interview situations and get feedback of their performance
    •    learn essential communication skills.

These trainings are ideal for:

    •    NGOs who are present in the media or do advocacy work, or just would like to communicate more effectively
    •    universities or training centers where good communication skills and skills to produce videos are useful for projects;
    •    anybody who would like to have their voice heard and make high quality videos.

Why from the Rights Reporter Foundation:

    •    Because we have several years of experience in training activists in multiple cultural background;

    •    because we are present in the media on a daily basis on sensitive issues and often have to defend controversial viewpoints; So we know what a tough interview situation looks like and can teach you how to handle it;
    •    because we make our own advocacy videos on various issues that you can check out our website, Drugreporter. So we have to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and innovations in the field of video advocacy, therefore you will also get the most up-to-date knowledge as well.

CONTACT US AT: rightsreporter@rightsreporter.net

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