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"Drugreporter videos get the voice out that otherwise would not be heard. It also helps our movement itself to define our own messages."

- Rick Lines, Director, Harm Reduction International

"The drugreporter films, from our point of view, open a new dimension in advocacy for drug policy reform."

- Eberhard Schatz, Director, Correlation Network, The Netherlands

"I also forward some of the movies to Ministry of Health colleagues as part of my responsibility for monitoring developments in international drugs policy…


I find your summaries/documentaries of international conferences helpful as NZ officials are not attending many international gatherings currently due to the economic climate."

- Bruce Atmore, Senior Policy Analyst, Ministry of Health, New Zealand

"I think what Drugreporter is doing with these video productions is spectacular. Your ability to produce these videos in such a short time, at such a high level, is absolutely fantastic. It’s an educational vehicle, it’s inspirational for other people that this level of professionalism can be brought to this, and also, because Drugreporter is at the cutting edge of all the discussions and debates in drug policy, it provides a fantastic opportunity. I only wish we could imitate what you are doing in the United States"."

- Ethan Nadelmann, Director, Drug Policy Alliance, USA

""You guys are doing a fabulous job. The way you do it is not in a two-hundred-page report, but in a very simple, clean-cut video that is putting out messages in a very particular area, which helps empower young people and break stigma and discrimination."

- Aram Barra, Director Espolea, Mexico, and Youth RISE

""The films that you make are dynamic, they are not boring, they make people want to watch them."

- Anya Sarang, Director, Andrey Rylkov Foundation, Russia

""In Asia, it would work amazingly, because not all of us can read and write, but we can watch stuff and listen".

- Dean Lewis, Asian Network for People who Use Drugs

""Politicians know that these tools are exposing them to criticism and scrutiny, and they do watch these videos. So they can have a really big impact."

- Steve Rolles, Senior Policy Analyst at Transform Drug Policy Foundation

""I think you do a fantastic job. This goes everywhere, this goes all over the world. Advocacy is much more important to spend money on than research. The research is there, now the advocates must use the research to make the case."

- Pat O'Hare, Honorary President, Harm Reduction International

""We count on you because we are very bad communicators as civil servants, and you are good communicators. So please go ahead."

- Carel Edwards, Former Head of the European Commission's Anti-Drug Coordinating Unit, EU

"No-one does video advocacy like the HCLU. I don’t think that I have ever seen video advocacy done in this way, not in any form of activism I was involved in. We are all mutually supporting each other and pushing our messages and agenda forward. I think it’s an incredibly collaborative effort, and you guys listen to what people say, but you also say this is where we should be going. I think you do incredible work."

- Allan Clear, Director, Harm Reduction Coalition, USA

""I personally retweet all your videos on my twitter. It’s important for many groups, as it supports their advocacy."

- Mauro Guarinieri, Senior Civil Society Officer, The Global Fund to Fight AIDS Tuberculosis and Malaria, Geneva, Switzerland

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