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Our English language website, Drugreporter, is one of the key regional drug-policy-related news hubs, with a unique online video database, which is constantly growing.




We produce high quality movies and other multimedia content, to document human rights abuses, to educate the public about best practices, to make policy making more accountable and transparent, to chronicle major events of social movements, and to give voice to those people who are marginalised. 




Our European Drug Policy Initiative (EDPI) is a regional project through which we provide technical assistance and organise joint campaigns.


We established and coordinate Video for Drug Policy Reform, an international network of activists and filmmakers who are committed to producing films to promote drug policies based on evidence and human rights. This network facilitates the sharing of experiences and video footage among members. Most of the members of this network are alumni of our video training sessions, to whom we provide technical assistance and mini grants to produce videos. 




We work with the mainstream media to raise awareness on human rights issues that are rarely covered by them from the perspectives of the most affected communities. 




We provide training to other NGOs in the use of innovative advocacy tools, such as videos. In the past two years, we have trained around 100 people from all over the world. Our training courses can last from a few days to a week, with sessions covering the whole spectrum of video advocacy. We teach pre-production - such as strategic planning and preparation; production - such as camera handling, composition and interviewing techniques; and post-production - such as editing and distribution. 




We launch international and national campaigns, focussed on changing drug policies and promoting harm reduction. Most of our campaigns address one of the most outdated global systems, the international drug control system. 




Dare to Act - we launched this campaign in 2009, to mobilise people to question the prohibitionist drug policies of the United Nations, by sending emails to the UN Office on Drugs and Crime


Drug Lords International - this campaign aimed to raise awareness on the real beneficiaries of the global drug war: the criminal organisations, who are interested in keeping drug illegal


Count the Costs - this campaign was initiated by Transform Drug Policy Foundation, to urge governments to undertake a transparent evaluation of the 50 years of drug prohibition; we created thematic videos to depict the costs of the global drug war


Room in the 8th District - after the closure of the largest needle and syringe program in Budapest, we launched a campaign to promote harm reduction and engage in a dialogue with local residents who were concerned about street drug use


Room for Change - this campaign, launched in eight European cities, aimed to educate the public about alternatives to punitive urban drug policies

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