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The Rights Reporter Foundation (RRF) is a non-profit organisation founded by Hungarian activists to advocate for the human rights of vulnerable populations. We use the power of video for community mobilisation and advocacy campaigning. Our vision is of a society where policies affecting vulnerable communities are evidence-informed and respect human rights, as well as developed and implemented with the meaningful involvement of these communities. The main focus of our work is on people who use drugs, sex workers and people who live with HIV, but we are glad to work with other stigmatised communities, such as LMBTQ people, ethnic minorities, migrants, refugees and homeless people. Our mission is to educate the public about the role of evidence in policy formulation, to provide a voice for vulnerable communities, and to improve the advocacy efforts of NGOs by providing technical assistance and training. The RRF team is based in Budapest, and most of our activities focus on Europe, but we have cooperated with a number of NGOs beyond Europe, from New Zealand to Canada, from Mexico to Indonesia.

Péter Sárosi

Executive Director of the Rights Reporter Foundation.

He is a human rights activist and drug policy expert, the founder and editor of the Drugreporter website since 2004, the author of countless articles, co-author of books and director of films about harm reduction and drug policy reform. He was the Director of the Drug Policy Program at the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union between 2004 and 2015. He is experienced in working at international drug policy forums such as the Commission on Narcotic Drugs. He was twice elected to the Core Group of the EU Civil Society Forum on Drugs. He is the co-chair of the Eurasian Harm Reduction Network. He has been representing the Hungarian Harm Reduction Network at the government’s drug advisory body in Hungary since 2007. Peter also contributed to building a network of advocacy NGOs in Europe: the European Drug Policy Initiative. He provided technical assistance to several NGOs, and launched several campaigns on drug policy reform. As a member of the Drugreporter video advocacy team, he has produced videos about drug policy issues in a number of countries. These videos are now part of a unique online drug policy video library.

István Gábor Takács

Video Manager of the Rights Reporter Foundation.


He is a human rights activist, videographer and trainer. He is the founder of the Video Advocacy Program of the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union, and head of the program between 2007-2015. he has been working in the field of harm reduction and drug policy reform advocacy since 2005. He worked as a needle exchange program counselor for 5 years. He was a presidential member of the Harm Reduction Association of Hungary between 2007-2012. He is author of several articles on harm reduction and cameraman, editor, director and co-director of more than 500 short online videos. He has trained around 100 activists in video advocacy. He won several awards for the films produced at the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union.

Zselyke Tófalvi

Head of Administration of the Rights Reporter Foundation.


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The Rights Reporter Foundation currently has two major donors, the Open Society Foundations and the European Commission.   

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